30th March - 3rd April 2008, Glasgow, Scotland
Student Grants

ECIR has limited funds to assist with the travel expenses of early-stage research students. Each grant will come in the form of a flat contribution which could be used to pay anything related to ECIR 2008.

Scholarships will be awarded by the organisation committee based on a combination of need and merit. Students receiving scholarships need to agree to serve as students helpers (if required) during the conference. Priority will be given to students at the beginning of their research degree.

How to apply [CLOSED]
To apply you should submit the following by 10th March 2008:
1. Fill in the application form.
2. An email recommendation from your advisor, confirming your status, and supporting the application, which must cover the technical merit of your participation. The email should be sent to .

Notifications will be sent on or before 12th March 2008.