30th March - 3rd April 2008, Glasgow, Scotland

Best Paper Award
Discounted Cumulated Gain based Evaluation of Multiple-Query IR Sessions
Kälervo Jarvelin (University of Tampere)
Susan L. Price, Lois M. L. Delcambre (Portland State University)
Marianne Lykke Nielsen (Royal School of Library and Information Science)

Best Paper Committee
Anne Aula, Google Inc, USA
Udo Kruschwitz, University of Essex, UK
Thijs Westerveld, Teezir, The Netherlands

Best Student Paper Award
Modeling Documents as Mixtures of Persons for Expert Finding
Pavel Serdyukov, Djoerd Hiemstra (University of Twente)

Best Student Paper Committee
Leif Azzopardi, University of Glasgow, UK
Massimo Melucci, University of Padova, Italy
Vanessa Murdock, Yahoo! Research, Spain

Best Poster Award
Automatic Vandalism Detection in Wikipedia
Martin Potthast, Benno Stein, Robert Gerling (Bauhaus University Weimar)

Best Poster Committee
Andrew MacFarlane, City University, UK
Nicola Stokes, University of Melbourne, Australia
Robert Villa, University of Glasgow, UK


The awards are sponsored by Yahoo! Research.